About me

My name is Clement Beseme, I was born in France (Lille) in January 1985 and had the chance to grow up in a family who always supported me with my choices, who provided everything I needed to develop myself, in sport, music, during studies, with my art and with my stubbornness.

I always have been attracted by creative domains, music, design, and more recently by art. I studied industrial product design for 5 years in the north of France, I believe that gave me a strong understanding of technical drawing and perspective.

I landed in Malta few years ago, and fell in love with its people, its atmosphere, its climate obviously, its landscapes and postcard spots, and last but not least, its singular architecture, a lovely mix of antique and mediterranean style.

I love to study and explore any scene I aim to paint, as watercolor is very challenging most of the time. I paint the places and subjects i’m attracted by, as wildlife creatures or maltese architecture, but I also work on commission for specific requests or personal gifts.

Thanks a lot for your interest and enjoy your visit in the galleries!


You can find me online in the links below or just send me a message if you need any help.